Lefebvre Insurance, LLC
Lefebvre Insurance, LLC
Lefebvre Insurance was founded over 37 years ago by Gerard
Lefebvre, who had previously managed Life, Disability, and Student
Accident programs for various insurance companies.  Recognizing that
parents and school districts need affordable Accident Insurance
protection, Gerard used his experience and understanding to create
products that satisfied the unique and varying needs that schools and
parents have.  Those products have provided assistance to hundreds
of school districts, and thousands upon thousands of families
throughout New England.

In 1987, after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Thomas
Lefebvre joined the agency.  He initially took over all Sales duties, but
over the years he eventually became involved in all aspects of the
agency.  In 2008, Thomas Lefebvre became the owner, and sole
principal, of Lefebvre Insurance, LLC.

Lefebvre Insurance continues to be a market leader in the New England
Student Accident Insurance market.  We value the long-term
relationships established with our clients, as well as the family-like
atmosphere of our broker network.